My instruments and other musical equipment:

Drum sets: 
Ludwig Signet 105: 22” bass drum; 8”,10”,12” toms; 14”, 16” flor toms;
Ludwig Breakbeats by Questlove: 16” bass drum; 10” tom; 13” flor tom; 14x5” snare;
Pearl double 503C Rack; Lot of hardware; DW 3002 Pedal and 3000 hihat stand; Carrying cases; 

Ludwig Centurian African Sapele 14x6,6” Snare; PDP 14x5,5” Copper Snare; Mapex Steel 10” Snare; Taye Breath Hardwood Custom 14x5,5” Snare; Yamaha SFZ Marching 14x12” Snare.

Other drums:
Set of  Roto Toms: 6”, 8”, 10”; Bongos; African Hand Drum; Wavedrum Oriental Korg - drum synthesizer;

Percussion instruments: 
Yamaha Padauk Xylophone; Yamaha aluminum glockenspieles; Old carbon-steel glockenspieles; LP Granite Blocks; Cowbells; LP Chimes; Pearl Crasher; Meinl mount Tambourine; Meinl hihat Tambourine; Hand natural skin Tambourine; Meinl wah wah Kalimba; Lot of small hand held percussion instruments; African Rain Stick; Meinl hand bells

Paiste Blue Bell Ride 22”; Sabian JoJo Meyer Signature 22” Ride; Anatolian Diamond Crash 20”; K2 16” Crash; Turkish Ozone Type 16” Crash;  Turkish 18” Dark China; Amedia 18” China; K2 10” Mini China; Amedia 6” Splash;  K2 6” Splash; Amedia 6” Bell; Paiste 4”, 6”, 8” Accent 2002 Set; Bosphorus 14” China, Bosphorus 10” Splash, Bosphorus 8” Splash Stack; Zildjian Spiral Stacker 10”, 6” Bell, 8” Bell, Instanbul Rubish 16” Crash; Anatolian 16” Crash as Stack; Amedia 16’ Crash;

Other instruments and musical equipment:
SEMRAU TME EB 058 legendary summing mixer from ZDF Broadcast Studio, Dynacord Echocord Mini - Tape Delay, BSS equalizer; AKAI Tape Deck, ROLI Seaboard Rise 25 with Equator & Noise & Strobe 2; Korg LP 350 Electric Piano; Moog Mother 32; Behringer Model D; Novation Mini Nova Synthesizer with Vocoder; Eurorack / Doepfer Modular System (Doepfer A100 Travel Case with power, Doepfer A138Mixer, A124 Wasp Filter, A145 LFO, A199 Spring Reverb; Maths 2; Mutable Instruments EARS); Lindell Audio API 500 / Lunchbox Case with Lindell Audio 7x-500 Compressor; Lindell Audio 6x-500 Preamp; M-Audio 49 Keys; iPad with software instruments and MIDI converter; Yamaha HS-50 Studio Monitors; Yamaha HS8S Subwoofer; Apple iMac 5K with 24 GB RAM; Apple iMac 24” with 4 GB RAM; Apple Mac Book Pro 13” 8 GB RAM; Logic X with plug ins and software instruments and samples; NATIVE INSTRUMENTS KOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE; Over 15 TB Storage Discs; BluRay Recording System; Roland R26 - 6 channels portable Recorder; Tascam US 1800, 16 channels Interface; Alesis MIDI Interface Hub, M-Audio 2x2 interface; Mackie vlz 1402 mixer; Shure SM 57 Microphone; Shure PG 57 Microphone; AKG Drum Pack with 5 toms, 1 bass drum and 2 over heads Microphones; Telefunken D9A microphone; Telefunken TD16; Sennheiser 411; Korg Contact; Numark Red Wave Professional Mixing Headphones; Behringer 1000W Power Speaker;